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Guitar Bossa Nova Intensive - Diferents levels


Guitar Workshop Flamenco in  Quito Equador

Guitar Workshop Flamenco in  Quito Equador

Guitar Workshop Flamenco in  Quito Equador


In this course you will learn the authentic bossa nova rhythms and chord voicings used by most bossa nova guitarists.

We will break this style down into one basic rhythm pattern that underlies almost every bossa nova rhythm.

Rhythm training, patterns, typical chord progressions, phrasing, improvisation. A special emphasis of the workshop is on the rhythm exercises to really sense and feel the Groove this fascinating music can.

The workshop will be made to the different levels of the participants into consideration. It can be formed different groups.

Course: Guitar Bossa Nova Intensive
Duration 1 Week
Preis: 240 Dollars/ One to one lessons
Lessons: One to one or group lessons
Levels: Diferents levels   

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